A Few Words

Human Beings aren’t made to sit in cubicles that don’t breed innovation. And Qbico understands this. Therefore we make it easy for you to find a fantastic place to meet and work with talented minds. We wanted to solve one problem. The problem of finding a working space which has numerous features to offer and doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. Hence, we came up with Qbico, an integrated solution with powerful features that is easy to use and is supremely affordable.

Because Qbico is your answer to all those doubts you have while setting/running a successful business. Be it high-speed internet, stellar conference rooms or awesome workspace, we take care of all the basic utilities that you might require. After all, the basic utilities are not so basic.They are the foundation of an amazing work experience. Amalgamating technology with our offerings, Qbico always stays up-to-the-minute by introducing innovative and groundbreaking tech ideas to better member experiences Qbico is dedicated to introducing you to three things: Spectacular workspaces, Spreading energy and Supremely inventive network to tap into.

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